Finishing, Pickling Stainless Steel

Surface treatment of stainless steel Stainless steel is used in fact due to its specific corrosion resistant features. This corrosion resistance is the result of its natural capacity to form a protective oxide film. This oxide film is however extremely thin and therefore very vulnerable. Many of the treatments that the stainless steel undergoes in […]

Welding T-8 Flux Core Wires

For good results when welding with AWS E71T-8 flux cored wires, maintain a proper stick-out (3/4 inch) and use the proper gun angle (5 to 10 degrees toward the direction of travel).
Maintain proper stick-out and use the proper gun angle. Too little stick-out doesn’t allow enough “pre-heat” time for the wire to form the proper shielding gas coverage, which leads to porosity. Too much stick-out will cause the amperage to drop outside of the proper range and the weld may have insufficient penetration. use a 3/4″ stick out and a 1/4″ arc. Also, long stick-outs may pre-heat the wire too long, which may change the composition of the wire. T-8 operate in a very narrow voltage range. Take a 5/64-in. diameter wire, which is pretty common. For an all-position fillet weld, its operating range is just 19 to 22 volts.

Mig Welding Aluminum

A continuous voltage control Push dont Pull.  Always Push the puddle when possible for a cleaner soot free weld. Use a longer stickout. Mig welding Aluminum uses something called spray transfer. Thats a technical way of saying the wire never really reaches the puddle. So a longer stickout is needed to avoid burnbacks. Use Argon […]

Lincoln LN-25 Care, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

The idle roll pressure is set at the factory backed out two turns from full pressure. This is an approximate setting. For small wire sizes and aluminum wire, the optimum idle roll pressure varies with type of wire, surface condition, lubrication and hardness. The optimum idle roll setting can be determined as follows:
1. Press end of gun against a solid object that is electrically isolated from the welder output. Press the gun trigger for several seconds.
2. If the wire

John D. Murphy – Ketchikan Welding Works

John D. Murphy, 71, died Dec. 19 in Ketchikan. He and his wife, Brenda, started Ketchikan Welding in 1969, took over Ketchikan Welding Works in 1973 and then established Alaska Ship and Drydock in 1987. He was a master machinist, welder and fabricator.

Welding a kitchen Stainless Steel Counter

Stainless steel has a high thermal expansion, but a low thermal conductivity so the heat localizes and the expansion/contraction is magnified.

Welded Handrail

From rockwelder.com a fine selection of handrail pictures. Excellent design fabrication and welding.

The Thermic Lance

A Thermic Lance is a steel pipe packed with mixed metal wires. Pure oxygen gas is passed through the pipe from an oxygen cylinder and regulator. The end of the pipe is lit with a high temperature source, e.g. an oxy-acetylene torch. The iron in the steel burns in the oxygen coming down the pipe to produce enormous heat. Read More

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Lincoln LN-25 Replacement Feedrolls

A Chart for The Lincoln Two Roll System

Victor Tip Cutting Guide

Here is a handy chart.

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