Lincoln LN-25 Care, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

The idle roll pressure is set at the factory backed out two turns from full pressure. This is an approximate setting. For small wire sizes and aluminum wire, the optimum idle roll pressure varies with type of wire, surface condition, lubrication and hardness. The optimum idle roll setting can be determined as follows:
1. Press end of gun against a solid object that is electrically isolated from the welder output. Press the gun trigger for several seconds.
2. If the wire

Lincoln LN-25 Replacement Feedrolls

A Chart for The Lincoln Two Roll System

Steel Building Erection

Step 1. It is important that the foundation is setup and poured correctly so that the anchor bolts are in the correct spot. Step 2. Primary Framing consists of the I-Beam frames. These members are the first pieces that you will bolt together and fasten to your foundation. Once a few of your frames are […]

Product – Lincoln LN-25 Wire Feeder

The LN-25 semiautomatic wire feeder is ideal for field or construction use. Since it is powered across the arc, no control cables are needed! Simply connect the weld cable, attach the welding clip, and you