Welding T-8 Flux Core Wires

For good results when welding with AWS E71T-8 flux cored wires, maintain a proper stick-out (3/4 inch) and use the proper gun angle (5 to 10 degrees toward the direction of travel).
Maintain proper stick-out and use the proper gun angle. Too little stick-out doesn’t allow enough “pre-heat” time for the wire to form the proper shielding gas coverage, which leads to porosity. Too much stick-out will cause the amperage to drop outside of the proper range and the weld may have insufficient penetration. use a 3/4″ stick out and a 1/4″ arc. Also, long stick-outs may pre-heat the wire too long, which may change the composition of the wire. T-8 operate in a very narrow voltage range. Take a 5/64-in. diameter wire, which is pretty common. For an all-position fillet weld, its operating range is just 19 to 22 volts.