Stihl Chainsaw Carburetor Troubleshooting Chart

&#171 Stihl Chainsaw Troubleshooting GuideCarburetor Settings for a Stihl Chainsaw &#187

Stihl Carburetor Part Breakdown

Hard Starting Fuel Leak At Carburetor Engine Floods Will not idle Rich Idle Idle with Needle Closed Hunts Erratic Idle idles Fast Lean Will not Accelerate Over Rich Acceleration Hesitates Will not run at high speeds low Power Hunts at high Speed Runs with needle closed Engine over Speeds
Plugged Air Filter ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Leaky Carburetor Gasket ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Throttle or Choke Shafts Worn ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Choke Not Functioning Properly •••
Plugged Atmospheric Vent ••• •••
Air Bleed Restricted ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Damaged or Leaky Rings ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Damaged Diaphragm ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Stuck or Dirty Ball Check ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Diaphragm Upside Down •••
Plugged Tank Filter or Vent ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Fuel Pick-up Restricted ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Idle Port Restricted ••• •••
Damaged Adjustment Needles ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Incorrect Float Height ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Main Nozzle Restricted ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
Dirty, Stuck Needle and Seat ip ••• ••• ••• •••
Fuel Inlet Plugged ••• ••• ••• ••• •••
  • Mark Walton653

    my stihl ms 200t wont start borrowed it to a mate and it was set for winter use he ajusted carb and wont start whats the best way to set it up anyone thanks

  • Vismtty1355

    stihl 020t will start then run for a little bit then dies what would cause this

  • norman

    where is the adjustments on the ms180c carbs ?

  • Dave Mundy

    My saw will start but runs only a short time even shorter when I hit the throttle

  • Slayth

    Hello – interesting issue with STIHL 088/MS880. I met a guy who owned the saw in March – cool here in WI. Started the saw, inspected air filter(clean), chain sprocket (nice 9 slot for faster blade, longer chain square cut, 4 foot bar). Saw barked to life right away – synthetic bar oil guy used to stay thinner. Revved several times, shut off. Did the process again. All seemed fine, let local shop look at it to make sure my purchase was “safe”. Well, 2 months later, finally have some wood to cut – saw is a beast – cracked cover trying to start from recoil (nice and smooth but firm start when I looked at saw – did not use compression release, just felt cycle with pull start). Anyway – saw starts eventually (it was still cold out) – started cutting some serious wood – right through stumps. Really was enjoying the cutting and chips flying – then burrrrrump. Dead standstill – saw died. Could not get re-started. Took air filter off, took fuel pickup tube off, took out spark plug. Filter tube was clear, filter on end clear, air cleaner – washed and blew out all wood debris. plug – was newer, put back together – after EXCESSIVE pulls, got saw started – ran again fine, idle good, acceleration good – full speed all out chips flying – for about 2 to 5 minutes – then burrrump. Dead standstill. checked spark – there through pulling cord(engine not started) – put Splitfire plug in – seems to make saw start faster, but recently – same deal, got it going from storage right away second pull, idled great, accelerated great – then about half way through stump at full throttle – burrump, dead. Any thoughts here? seems like no fuel, but runs so good when first taking it out, hard to believe – of course, guy I bought it from said never had an issue with it running ever. Yeah, ok. I have done nothing with it – replaced outer sprocket cover, splitfire E3 plug gapped to Stihl spec, run premix fuel and Stihl bar oil. That’s it.