Polishing and Seasoning The Ultimate Cast Iron Skillet

I’ve been experimenting with polishing my cast iron skillet. I started with a 10 inch cast iron frying pan. I polish the inside bottom of the pan with an orbital sander start with 30, 50, 80, 120 and , 220 grit. I used 30 sanding disks and 4 hours of time. once the pan was shinny and smooth I heated the pan on low heat, on a paper towel I scoop out some Crisco about the size of a lima bean, or follow these outstanding instructions Rub the Crisco into the pan so its just wet just a very thin layer is best. Turning the pan upside down and using vegetable oil turned out to be a disaster. Next I let the pan bake at 500 for one hour. after baking I had a thin almost clear layer on our pan at this point it felt like glass. I cooked some fish sticks on this pan it was pure joy the fish sticks slide around like they were on ice. The goal is to have the slickest surface I can produce. Photos coming soon

  • Kevin

    This is a very good idea. I switched back to iron a couple of years ago after I threw out another set of very expensive cookware.
    No matter how careful you are, sooner or later you (or your kids) use it like a cooking device and damage the “lifetime” coating.
    The iron pans work very well and I think you are onto something with micro polishing.
    Perhaps you know this already, but there are much finer grit sandpapers as well as metal polishes.
    I am just beginning my research on micro polishing iron pans and this is my first google at it.
    I think I am going to look up just how smooth iron can get.
    There has to be a limit to it and an established method for getting there.
    In any case, I encourage you to keep on with your experiments and enjoy healthy cooking with that iron pan for the rest of your life!
    Kind regards,