Cold & Flu Flow Chart




1. Do you have a fever? NO? Go to Question 6
2. Do you have a sore throat and headache–without nasal drainage? YES? Bacterial STREP THROAT infection. Verify with a Rapid strep test 500mg of Amoxicillin 3x 10d. acetaminophen, anesthetic throat sprays rest, water, and gargle with warm salt water
3. Did your symptoms start suddenly, and do you have a combination of symptoms including muscle aches, chills, a sore throat, runny nose or cough? YES? You may have the FLU. Get plenty of rest, and drink lots of fluids. Give acetaminophen or ibuprofen for aches and pains. Prevent the flu by getting a flu shot each fall. Taking Tamiflu or another antiviral medication may help shorten the duration or reduce the symptoms of the flu.
4. Do you have a persistent cough that brings up yellowish or greenish mucus, wheezing and shortness of breath? YES? You have a viral BRONCHITIS infection of the airways. Rest, fluids, warm, moist air, acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and an expectorant to ease the coughing. It’s best not to suppress a cough that brings up mucus. antibiotics, generally are not beneficial.
5. Do you have a headache or muscle aches, nausea or vomiting, and watery diarrhea? YES? You have gastroenteritis (STOMACH FLU). Replace fluid loss due to diarrhea. Ease back into eating with bland foods and clear liquids. Plenty of rest. Ciprofloxacin 500mg 2X 5d for Traveler’s diarrhea
6. Do you have a runny itchy nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes? YES? You have ALLERGIES. Cool, low humidity (40 and 50%) Air Filter. Cut grass. Oxymetazoline (Afrin)
7. Do you have sneezing, a sore throat, headache, congestion and a runny nose? YES? You have a COLD. Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and/or warm compresses may help reduce facial pain. A cool mist vaporizer may help your sinuses drain more easily. Rest and plenty of fluids.
8. Do you have swelling or pain around your eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead, a headache, a dry cough, and/or discharge from the nose? YES? You may be developing SINUSITIS. 500mg Amoxicillin and/or Clavulanate 2X 10d Guafenesin(Mucinex DM), Oxymetazoline(Afrin) Acetaminophen, ibuprofen Rest, fluids, warm, moist air